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1 Comments StandPoint - L,T 604z Hypeman
Posted by Comma on August 7, 2011 at 9:22 PM

Original Track from EXIT ALBUM 8)


Hostin' Emcee'n my eventz with 2slick

5yrs over 50g hate n love of tha promo bizz

playin' my cards but its only heartz that seem to bleed

rolling in deep

and I know theres a certain' someone dedicatin' it to me

ashin' weed skatin' tha board echos

on tha concrete at leeside

flash back memories

hittin Boundry VPD'z boundry

rent a car long dayz its better when it rainz

less visibility plus

there focused on tha pedestrians on tha street NOW ..

back to tha Comma between tha T

and tha L stands for tha Last mothaf^ck breathin'

what'z beef cut viens and ligamentz

que no entiendes don't you understand

my intentions are larger than 1 hit wonder'z Fam

late nightz with tha countless woman just seducin'

so they become a fan

cause faith alone my not be enough to secure salvation



If I

From a Standpoint

Show you

How life is different ridin' vibin' n gettin' my mind ON ON


Everytime you get your mindz ON ON on on


Evertime I get my mind on ON


Evertime I get my mind

Cause im goin' airborne with thiz



Slim Shady News why you followin'

spinin' globe in my handz

joker jam mask evokin' blueprints

controllin' sound waves no tides

eye contact don't mean shyt cause even you've lied

so y should I don't act surprised you know read between tha lines

no tienes que ser una estreya in order to shine

you ain't gotta be a star get it movin' on

stay on your grind

livin' for money but money don't mean life

woman now a dayz focused on tha swipe

some shyt will never change ..change

workin' till we get paid

our mindz how tha money getz made

as we fade with age in tha end none of it stayz

Im gettin' numb

breaking tha habit

Linkin Park

cause in tha end it doesn't even matters

f^ck lettin' you digest

hoodlum Rap 101

im aware of my limitation

sky is tha limit Biggie track with 112

8mile finalist yea opend for D12 twice

Fastlane freestyle freestyle pardon my french

but he didn't know who tha Dee Dee Bears where


Triple R'z is all I gotta say but before I forget to mention .....




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